Notice Board:



Happy to let you know that Bangladesh Documentary Council takes the initiative to prepare a Data Base on Bangladeshi Documentary Films. This database includes technical information, short synopsis (8-10 lines) of the film and short Bio-Filmography of the Film Maker (with a photograph). The language of the total information should be in both Bangla & English. This Database will be used for making the future Archive, Website, Directory and for other publications of Bangladesh Documentary Council.

We are also preparing a List of Collections of Bangladeshi (other than yours) & Foreign Documentary Films (if possible, with synopsis) which will be used for the selection of the regular screening of Bangladesh Documentary council in deferent venues.

We would like to request you all to provide us the required information to prepare the above mentioned databases. Your kind cooperation in this regard will be a great assistance for our endeavor to popularize documentary films in Bangladesh and also would make us possible to familiarize our films in abroad.

Please send your information to these e-mails: or